The St Hallett fascination with Shiraz grape variety goes back to the 1960’s when the company was producing a premium range of fortified wines, the most well known was the St Hallett Liqueur Shiraz Port, produced from the now 106 year old Old Block Shiraz Vineyard.

St Hallett very quickly recognised the value of “Old Vine” Shiraz and the infinite variations in flavour that arise from the highly varied terroir offerings of the Barossa landscape and geology. The St Hallett grower base covers most of the parishes the Barossa has to offer and over the last 30 years St Hallett has committed to batch processing. Batch processing is where we keep each individual vineyard separate during the vinification process, from crushing the fruit - ferment - and barrel ageing.

Over the years we learnt what is the best approach to handling the differing Shiraz offerings from the varied terroir. These differing approaches include timing of picking / ferment time and temperatures / oak type / and length of time in oak prior.


Kym Lindner, Robert O'Callaghan and Stuart Blackwell