Diverse Soils in a Small Site

This northern area of the Barossa is quite diverse in soil types. There is a distinctive small rise just north of the Para River which has a significant impact on soil characteristics.

Soils vary from deep, fertile alluvials along the Para River, shifting to red-brown loams as you move further away from the river.

The full bodied wines crafted from this area are often referred to as being "rustic" in style. Hallmarks of these full middle palate wines include softer tannins, interestintg peaty notes and black fruit flavours.


Key varietals

  • Shiraz
  • Semillon


  • Diverse alluvium - silty loams along Para River floodplains gradating to red loams on rises


  • Elevation: 280m-300m
  • Rainfall: 500mm
  • Average Shiraz Harvest Date: Second week of March