2015 Old Block Shiraz Centellino Gift Pack

2015 Old Block Shiraz Centellino Gift Pack

Enhance your wine experience with this handmade Centellino Aerator, designed to enrich the bouquet and flavour of wines. It fits to the top of the bottle and decants and aerates each glass of wine poured. Valued at $99, it complements the Old Block Shiraz perfectly.

2015 Old Block Shiraz is beautifully balanced and elegant. It opens with a fine fruit burst followed by a dense dark fruit core and a long even finish. The tannins are fine and folding into layer after layer of flavour. It is an elegant wine with great complexity will further unfold over time.

To qualify for Old Block, vineyards must be planted on their own rootstock and be older than 40 years old. The youngest vineyard used in the 2015 Old Block Shiraz was planted in 1963, whilst the oldest planting was 1870. Once the vineyard has qualified to be considered Old Block; it is graded in a blind tasting by the winemaking team to determine if it meets the quality standard. The parcels from Eden and Barossa Valley are then carefully blended by our winemakers to create a balanced and age worthy wine.

If cellared carefully, Old Block Shiraz will age gracefully for up to 30 years from vintage.

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