2016 Reward Cabernet Sauvignon Image

2016 Reward Cabernet Sauvignon

A short winter and warm dry spring got the growing season off to an early start. A well timed rain in mid-January brought relief to dry vineyards and rainwater tanks after many months without rain. The early start and ideal ripening conditions after the rain brought on vintage at a frantic pace with many vineyards ripening simultaneously. What ensued was a month of everyone working 24/7, and new records were set for both grape harvesting and coffee consumption per day! Once the winery team caught their breath, vintage had finished a month earlier than normal. It became evident that despite the rapid ripening, all the 2015 wines showed abundant aromas and flavours.

The balanced, even textured palate opens with bright blackberries before finishing with notes of dark chocolate and a hint of mint. Powdery tannins coat the mouth and linger for a long finish.

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