Black NV Sparkling Shiraz

Black NV Sparkling Shiraz

The base wine for the Black NV is blended from various parcels of Shiraz and a small portion of Mataro of various ages.  Through constant monitoring and tasting of the wines during the maturation, individual barrels are chosen specifically for the sparkling base.

Once the base is blended it goes onto tirage, the process whereby a small amount of sugar is added, the wine is inoculated with yeast and then transferred into bottles to complete fermentation and produce CO2 bubbles.  The wine is allowed to remain in these bottles for 12 months where the breakdown of the dead yeast cells after fermentation gives the wine complex yeast autolysis characters of bread, brioche and a creamy mouth feel.

After tirage, the bottles are placed onto riddling racks where the yeast sediment is riddled down into the neck of the bottle and eventually disgorged. After the removal of this yeast plug, a liqueur is added to sweeten the wine to the desired level and the bottle corked. This Black NV sparkling red has been in bottle for 12 months and is a drier style.

Being a non-vintage (NV) sparkling gives us the opportunity to blend wines of various ages. Small portions of wine up to 10 years old gives the wine aged characters of leather and fruitcake whilst the younger material provides spice, cherry and some sweet chocolate.  The careful selection and blending of these base wines results in this wine having complexity, good structure and being a complete wine.

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