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Lost Art Tawny

After partial fermentation the wine has been fortified with brandy spirit then matured in small oak barrels for 18 to 33 years. Then once the required level of maturity has been achieved the wine is drawn from the barrels filtered and bottled. Only small volumes are bottled at any one time – we prefer to only bottle small volumes at any one time and present the wines in a very “fresh from the barrel taste”. This fortified Tawny , has an average age of around 20 years.

For this wine, grapes are sourced from the Barossa Valley, from vineyards of great age, many greater than 80 years old. These prized old vines produce highly concentrated fruit ripe fruit that is essential In the production of this Barossian fortified wine

Rich and defined with flavours of spiced fruits, molasses, cloves, dried orange peel and bitter chocolate. The sweetness lingers, revealing layers of rich butterscotch and dried honey; delicately balanced with the fine spirit and surprising acidity

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