Luxury Shiraz Dozen

Luxury Shiraz Dozen

Mattschoss Shiraz

The Mattschoss vineyard is our highest Shiraz vineyard in Eden Valley at an elevation of 489m. The Shiraz block sits in a little amphitheatre which surrounds a rocky outcrop covered in distinctive native vegetation called yuccas. The soil type here consists of very little topsoil, incorporating meta-sandstone, marble and ironstone. The Mattschoss family have spent years focusing on quality in the vineyard and it is now realising it’s true potential. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the fruits of this passion and labour.

Dawkins Shiraz

The Dawkins vineyard is tucked away in the eastern part of Eden Valley around 5 km from the Eden Valley township. There simply is no comparison or even simile that can be drawn for the character that this vineyard expresses each year. The wine is one of the recognisable personalities each year in our post vintage blind tasting. The hallmark of the Shiraz from John Dawkins vineyard is highly aromatic sage, spearmint and red berry characters on the nose following on to a palate which has presence and majesty.

Scholz Shiraz

The wine takes its name and character from a single vineyard owned by the Scholz family, in the northern area of the Barossa Valley. The vineyard site has a distinct soil type and has a remarkable lack of variation across this block. This area of the Barossa near the Ebeneezer church is renowned for its richly flavoured Shiraz with intense and luscious middle palate flavours. The wine from the Scholz Estate vineyard is an excellent example.

Old Block Shiraz

To qualify for Old Block, vineyards must be planted on their own rootstock and be older than 40 years old. The youngest vineyard used in the 2015 Old Block Shiraz was planted in 1963 ; whilst the oldest planting was 1870. Once the vineyard has qualified to be considered Old Block; it is graded in a blind tasting by the winemaking team to determine if it meets the quality standard. The parcels from Eden and Barossa Valley are then carefully blended by our winemakers to create a balanced and age worthy wine.

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